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To The (Minister Name)

To Whom It May Concern,

I have concerns of the fact that Immigration Canada has issued demand for deportation of Michele Torre.

What I cannot understand is, why the very long delay between his release in 1996, and the start of deportation procedures in 2013.

Mr. Torre has been living in Canada for 49 years; has been married for 42 years; has had 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  He founded his life and raised his family in the Canada; He is now aged 64 and cannot, in any way, restart his life in Italy, his country of origin.

If this extradition will take place, the consequences for Mr. Torre, his wife and his family will be disastrous and irreparable.

I am convinced that there must be other less radical solutions than deportation…

By the present letter, I wish to bring to your attention, the Honourable Minister, that the Torre family life is at stake and to continue the procedures of deportation against him would be unfair and unacceptable in our society.

I humbly ask you to intervene personally in this case to avoid that injustice be done to Mr. Torre and his family.

Kind regards


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