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To The (Minister Name)

To Whom It May Concern,

I, (name) , the undersigned Citizen of Canada wish to draw the attention of the Government of Canada to the following:

I call upon the Government of Canada to please refrain from having Michele Torre deported. After living over 49 years of his life in Canada, he has neither ties nor attachments to Italy and would have no chance to rebuild a life in a `new/foreign` country.  He served his sentence over 20 years ago and has not committed any other criminal offences since then. He has completely rehabilitated himself and our Government needs to acknowledge this. He is a good man.  I urge you to please allow Michele Torre to remain in Canada where he is a great asset to his family, friends and loved ones. As a Canadian Citizen, I am addressing you today in the dismay about the deportation of Michele Torre.  I am a close friend of the Torre family, and am deeply troubled by the devastation brought upon their entire family.  This situation will not only harm one man, it will destroy his wife of 42 years, three children, six grandchildren and many other friends and family members.

This man has given a lot to our community by always collecting clothes, food and other necessities to help families that are in need.  He’s always ready to give a helping hand and has a heart for all.  This man is nowhere close to being a threat to our country!

I hope for your wisdom, heartfelt decision and understanding in the intervention of this matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything further.

Kind Regards,

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