Who is Michele Torre and how you can help us

Michele Torre is 64 years old and has been married for over 42 years to Ernesta Talaia Torre who is now 61 years old.

Michele Torre has lived 49 years in Canada and has been a permanent resident since 1967.

Ernesta came to Canada in 1962 (54 years ago). She became a Canadian citizen in 1978. Michele and Ernesta met in 1971 and were married in 1974.

All 3 children were born & raised in Canada.

Today all 3 children are married with children (in total 6).

Michele is far from being a threat to our country. He is a good man, hardworking and always ready to give a helping hand.

STOP the Deportation of Michele Torre

Despite the fact that he served his sentence in 1996 (over 20 years ago) and has not committed any other criminal offences and is fully rehabilitated: Immigration Canada has decided to send him back to Italy, following his application for Pardon and Canadian Citizenship filed in 2009.

The lapse of time is unreasonable, unusual and INJUST.

What we cannot understand is, why the very long delay between his release in 1996, and the start of deportation procedures in 2013.

If this extradition will take place, the consequences for Mr. Torre, his wife and his family will be disastrous and irreparable.

Send letters in HUGE volume to the Prime Minister

Canadian Citizen calls upon the Government of Canada to refrain from having Michele Torre Deported.

1. We’ll need to gathered several new signatures on the petition so the lawyer can resubmit it to the Ministers.

2. We’ll need to send letters in HUGE volume to the Prime Minister and 2 other Ministers. 1 letter per minister. DO NOT to put any cc. on the letters

***It is be greatly appreciated that all fax confirmations be emailed to*** donotdeportmicheletorre@gmail.com
We need them as proof that the Ministers have been contacted by several Citizens! Thank you all for your valued Support!